FERTILIZER BLAGO FERTILIZER BLAGO Product used exclusively for Vegetables, fruit, Coffee, Pepper. Organic fertilizers Số lượng: 1 Bottle


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  • Product used exclusively for Vegetables, fruit, Coffee, Pepper.

- Humic acid - at least 20g / liter - fulvic acid - at least 6.9 g / liter;
- Nitrogen (N) -115-125g / liter; - Phosphorus (Р2О5) - 40-60 grams / liter;
- Каli (К2О) - 120-130 grams / liter; - Sulphur (S) - 12-14 g / liter;
- Amino acids (threonine, threonine, metinon, lysine, xistin);
- The microelements (MgO - at least 0.9 grams / liter; Manganese (Mn) - at least 2.5g / liter; Zinc (Zn) - at least 0.9G / liter Copper (Cu) - at least 0.6g / liter; Barium (B) - at least 0.8g / liter; Molybdenum (Mo - black Molypdenum) - at least 0.5g / liter; Cobalt (Co) - at least 0.3g / liter, iron etc ..);
- Vitamin (А, С, В1, В2, ...);
- Many kinds of beneficial soil microorganisms (including ammonium chemical, fertilizer amila, pedotrofy, urobakterii);
- The enzyme acid catalyzed reactions (catalase and peroxidases) and the hydrolysis reaction.

How to use:
Land Reclamation: Mix ratio 1/150 - 1/250 spraying or watering the soil or 
disturbed well before sowing - planting (1-3 liters / ha, depending on the status of 
each type of soil).
Fertilize roots: Mix ratio 1/1000 (1 ml Blago with 1 quart of water) to the 
surrounding trees.
Soak seeds: Mix ratio 1/1000 (1 ml Blago with 1 liter of water) for soaking seeds, 
while matching wall variety. Dip seedling roots or cuttings before planting.
Spraying: Mix 16-18 ml to 16 liters (ratio 1/1000 ie 1 ml Blago with 1 liter of 
water) spray for 300-320 m2 (0.5 liters using Blago / ha for a spray), spray on 
stage when plant two leaves. Periodic spraying 7-10 days until harvest time.
Spray in the evening cool, calm, shake well before use. Can mix with pesticides. 
Do not spray too concentration guidelines.
Khi bắt đầu sử dùng BLAGO:

Sau 7 ngày sử dụng BLAGO

- Help plant vegetables, root crops grow faster (50% to 80%);
- Improving production (f-rom 10 to 60%);
- Improving the efficiency of using a quantity of elements - micronutrients f-rom 
the soil mineral fertilizers (which allows reducing the amount of mineral fertilizers 
applied to the soil f-rom 10 to 50%);
- Participation in the process of biosynthesis, improve the quality and value of 
products of vegetable plants, root crops;
- Eliminate damage to vegetables and root crops in adverse weather conditions, 
increased disease resistance high for trees;
- Minimize the damage when stored due to increasing preservation period.
- Helps increase plant capacity to absorb the nutrients of the soil and other 
- The development of useful microorganisms, increase soil fertility and soil 
** NOTE:
- Shake well before use. Fog spray form.
- Spray on the weather shade (around before 10am and after 15h pm). Spraying for 
1 hour if it rains, the additional injection. If the original irrigation irrigation in any 
weather and the rain does not need additional spraying.
- Keep in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight.
- Exp: 5 years f-rom date of manufacture.



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